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Tracolla Metallic


You’re part of the millennial generation who needs one hand either taking a selfie, checking your social media feed or photographing your meal. You wanna be hands-free. Whether it’s a long (mobile) day ahead or you’re in for a night of serious partying – it’s best to stick to the essentials and leave the rest at home. The Uashmama crossbody bag is not only the right size and shape but the fact that it is made of washable paper makes it ultra light. It is perfect for long strolls at the mall and won’t require it’s own seat at the restaurant. It fits your phone and purse and compact. This comes with a detachable and adjustable fine leather strap so you can use it as a shoulder pochette or a clutch.

  • Material: 100% cellulose fiber (with metallic finish; with leather handle, fastener and strap) This washable paper is made using virgin fiber from cultivation and not deforestation
  • Size: W 20cm x D 6cm x H 15cm

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