About the brand

The Uashmama project was born in 2011 in the town of Montecatini in Tuscany, Italy. It is run by the Marconi family - a business composed of the parents and four sisters (hence the company name “Le Sorelle”). The company employs and collaborates with artisans from its local community of Montecatini in Tuscany. All of the products are 100% made in Italy.

The family started out by producing traditional bread bags made of this new washable paper and sold it in their local community. The restaurants in the neighborhood started using them. Soon after, the clients of these restaurants were curious about these paper bags. Upon seeing the versatility of the material and the positive market feedback, they’ve grown the product range to include home, table, and fashion lines. To this day, the iconic paper bag remains to be the best selling item across continents.

The official distributor of Uashmama in the Philippines is INEXPH Inc. INEXPH was established because of a common desire to become an avenue of bringing beautifully designed products to the country and showcasing our own to the world. INEX stands for Interior Exterior, and by “beautifully designed” we do not only mean things that are pretty on the outside but products that involve good business practices and processes.



Family and tradition. The growing diversity of Uashmama’s product offering is reflective of the family’s dynamism and capacity to respond to the needs of its clients across generations.

Authentic and original. When was the last time you bought something because it was truly distinctive and innovative? Today’s sophisticated consumers long for different experience as they become tired of everything homogenous.  A discerning niche of the market is in pursuit of creations with a story to tell.  Uashmama combines the ancient Tuscan traditions of paper and leather interpreted in modern times.

Design meets function. The aesthetics of the object is not an end in itself; it is aimed to upgrade the quality of the product. Combine this feature with versatility and resilience that knows no limits. Uashmama brings that unmistakable Tuscan charm to any space while adapting to the varied tastes of its owners.

Sustainable. Uashmama is made of virgin cellulose fiber made from cultivation and not deforestation. This paper washes like fabric but retains its form so it can be used over and over again -- perfect for homewares and everyday bags. The entire process from the dyeing to the use of vegetable tanning reflects the brand’s respect for the environment.  Sustainability extends to the actual use, finding new ways of using and reusing the simple paper bag.

Honest Maker. A passion for a well-made product resulting from an extensive knowledge of technical processes is what distinguishes Made In Italy. Each Uashmama creation speaks of an inimitable quality brought about by the artisanal process behind it. Skilled workers from Tuscany bring us the novelty of paper that looks and feels like leather but washes like fabric.